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Smart Office Solution

Worksense is a smart office solution designed to serve two main purposes:

  1. MANAGEMENT get easily collected data for continuous workplace management

  2. EMPLOYEES get a better workplace experience

Main Functions

Rooms Reservation


Indoor Air Quality Info

Realtime Occupancy Blur.jpg

Real-time Occupancy


Data Report


  • Empower Flexwork & Activity-Based Working

  • Make Evidence-Based Decisions with Data

  • Improve Workday Experience & Eliminate Daily Friction

  • Save Space, Money, Time & Stress

  • Minimize Carbon Footprint, Fight Climate Change

Room Reservation

The Optimaze Worksense App 

Provides employees the choice to work from home or from the office, with open and real-time data, pre-booking of desks, and management of desk & room availability.

Real-time Occupancy

Improve your facility management

  • Find instant available rooms and seats

  • Find checked-in colleagues instantly

  • Replace paper printouts of floor plans for wayfinding with Worksense lobby screens

  • Keep your floor plans in order - our space management team will make sure your floorplans are up-to-date

  • Collect feedback from the space users


Lobby screen

Showing floor plan & person checked-in


Occupancy shown in App

Meeting rooms availability and colleague's location can be found in App

Feedbacks for the facilities are available to be sent in App

Indoor Air Quality Info

Less Energy Use

  • Use data to optimize space, costs, experience, functionality and the environmental impact (air-conditioning etc.)

  • Flexible, dispersed, remote and mobile working can imply less daily commuting

Room Reservation
Realtime Occupancy
Indoor Air Qualty Info

Data Report

Manage your facility with thick data of actual space use

  • Offer your organization real-time information about available workseats with an intuitive floor plan view

  • Save on property rental costs and reduce your carbon foot print by optimizing space use

  • Enrich utilization data with observations of work activities and group sizes 

  • Use heat maps to understand which spaces attract users and which don’t

  • Gather statistics on the actual amount of remote work done

Data Report
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