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Hospital & Healthcare

Air Quality and Storage Condition are very important for the industry related to Hospital, Healthcare & Laboratories.

MH Connections offers a variety of sensors for staying informed about the desired conditions. Such as:

  • Storage Temperature & Humidity

  • Air Quality

  • Air Pressure

  • Power Consumption

Quick Start & Simple Installation

Wireless sensors from MH Connections provide environmental parameters for managing or monitoring the status of facilities in hospitals, laboratories, or pharmacies. In addition to being simple to install and requiring no additional wiring.

System based on the cloud
Our clients may monitor and manage the sensors at any time by using a web-based cloud platform or an Android app. Clients do not need to rely on a computer-based dedicated software platform as a result.

Easy Manage

Maintenance would be provided by MH Connections in case of any issues.

Offline Usage

Sensors provided by MH Connections are data loggers. They provide data for users to read by a mobile phone nearby. A internet connection is not required for the actions

Temperature & Differential Pressure Monitor System

New Project (38).png

The monitoring of the temperature & differential pressure in a room of a hospital which have to maintain the correct storage condition of the medicines and vaccines to prevent deterioration.

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