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Food Quality Assurance

How can MH Connections' temperature sensors help to ensure food quality?

During the storage and transportation of chilled or frozen food, two essential aspects must be observed: product storage conditions , hygiene and sanitation regulations, as well as guaranteeing that food products are delivered to the consumer before the date of minimal durability. Because of the necessity to maintain suitable storage temperatures, storage is critical for the health and safety of manufactured products.

Quick Start & Simple Installation

MH Connections wireless sensors provide property management with new insights for managing and monitoring the state of numerous facilities. In addition to being simple to install and requiring no additional wiring.

System based on the cloud

Our clients may monitor and manage the sensors at any time by using a web-based cloud platform or an Android app. Clients do not need to rely on a computer-based dedicated software platform as a result.

Alert Remotely

The platform notifies users of any problems in the most convenient way possible, whether by SMS, email, or notification on the mobile app. As example, if the temperature rises above 10 degrees, the platform will notify selected recipients by SMS. The rules can be customized based on the user's preferences.

efento Temperature Solution Sensor

New Project (37).png

A temperature sensor was installed in the frozen warehouse to monitor the temperature. All data is accessible on the website via efento Cloud. An SMS and email notification will be issued if the temperature is unusually high.

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