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Property Management

MH Connections offers a wide range of IoT solutions to a multitude of property management firms in Hong Kong. We offer solutions to detect a number of difficulties that may arise in establishments.

  • Loss Prevention

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Machinery Monitoring

  • Consumption Monitoring

Quick Start & Simple Installation

MH Connections wireless sensors provide property management with new insights for managing and monitoring the state of numerous facilities. In addition to being simple to install and requiring no additional wiring.

System based on the cloud

Our clients may monitor and manage the sensors at any time by using a web-based cloud platform or an Android app. Clients do not need to rely on a computer-based dedicated software platform as a result.

Single sensor & additional sensors

MH Connections can provide owners or property management offices with a single sensor for monitoring some of their most vital facilities. Furthermore, after the initial deployment, the management offices can add additional sensors at any moment without requiring any further configurations or set-ups.


Water Leakage Remote Notification System

New Project (36).png

The deployment of the water leakage sensors is easy. Plug-and-play is available. MH Connections deployed 6 water leakage sensors with test and commission within 3 hours in some facility rooms in a commercial building placed on either roof floor and ground floor.

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