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Educational Institutes

Without the appropriate equipment, managing and monitoring an educational institute's key infrastructure can be a challenging task. MH Connections can provide NB-IoT devices to conveniently monitor such facilities; our sensors are simply plug-and-play, with no additional wiring or complicated installations required. MH Connections can also offer maintenance services to keep the devices under check.

Educational institutes can use our NB-IoT sensors to monitor the following:

  • Loss Prevention for vital facilities

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Machinery Monitoring

  • Consumption Monitoring

  • Door Status Monitoring

  • Air Quality & Temperature Monitoring 

Quick Start & Simple Installation

Wireless sensors from MH Connections provide environmental parameters for managing or monitoring the status of facilities in educational premises . In addition to being simple to install and requiring no additional wiring.

System based on the cloud
Our clients may monitor and manage the sensors at any time by using a web-based cloud platform or an Android app. Clients do not need to rely on a computer-based dedicated software platform as a result.

Alert Remotely

The platform notifies users of any problems in the most convenient way possible, whether by SMS, email, or notification on the mobile app. As an example, if the temperature rises above 10 degrees, the platform will notify selected recipients by SMS. The rules can be customized based on the user's preferences.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance would be provided by MH Connections in case of any issues.

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