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About Us

At MH Connections, we believe that every possible problem should be given a solution. Finding the correct technology on the market that is simple to operate and requires minimal installation may well be challenging.
MH Connections' superior IoT (Internet of Things) products offer a straightforward yet trustworthy solution to a wide range of companies.

Our Solutions


Property Management


Food Quality Assurance


Hospital & Healthcare

Property Management

Hong Kong has thousands of buildings with a variety of facilities that must be monitored. Property management companies have begun to use Internet of Things wireless sensors to help monitor their valuable properties in order to save money, time, and avoid accidents.

Food Quality Assurance

To avoid food product loss due to temperature inaccuracy, the most significant areas for monitoring the health and hygiene of the products would be storage and transit conditions. Wireless sensors can aid in the condition and storage monitoring the tempurature.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals must constantly monitor several factors such as temperature in medical refrigerators and freezers, pressure differential in high purity class rooms, and air quality in patient rooms in line with applicable regulations and standards. Furthermore, adequate storage in pharmacies/manufacturers/laboratories is essential. Temperature and humidity might be monitored in real time, with fast alerts enabled.

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